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I’ve heard many arrangements of “I'm Confessin’” from swing to Dixieland, and have enjoyed them all. It’s a great song. Introduced by singer Rudy Valle in 1930, “I'm Confessin’” was penned by lyricist, Al J. Neiburg, who also wrote “It's the Talk of the Town” and usually teamed with composer Jerry Livingston. “I’m Confessin’” was his sole collaboration with Doc Daughtery and Ellis Reynolds, who wrote the music.


I'm confessin' that I love you,

tell me do you love me too.

I'm confessin' that I need you,

honest I do—need you every moment

In your eyes I read such strange things,

but your lips deny they're true

Will your answer really change things,

making me blue.

I'm afraid someday you'll leave me,

saying 'Can't we still be friends?'

If you go you know you'll grieve me,

all in life on you depends.

Am I guessin' that you love me,

dreaming dreams of you in vain

I'm confessin' that I love you over again. 

Although this wonderful ballad will forever
be associated with the timeless 1942 movie

“Casablanca”, it was actually introduced in 1931 as a breezy little fox-trot in a now-forgotten Broadway musical. Written by Herman Hupfield and sung by Dooley Wilson in the movie, “As Time Goes By” is a true American classic.


You must remember this,

a kiss is still a kiss,

a sigh is just a sigh.

The fundamental things apply,

as time goes by.

And when two lovers woo,

they still say 'I love you',

on that you can rely.

No matter what the future brings,

as time goes by.

Moonlight and love songs,

never out of date,

Hearts full of passion,

jealousy and hate,

Woman needs man

and man must have his mate

that no one can deny.

It's still the same old story,

a fight for love and glory,

a case of do or die.

The world will always welcome lovers,

as time goes by.


“I’m Confessin’ That I Love You”

(Al J. Neiburg/Doc Daughtery/Ellis Reynolds)


“As Time Goes By”

(Herman Hupfeld)


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