I've always loved the easy lilt of this song and the sweet sentiment of the lyrics. It was written by two master songwriters, Walter Donaldson (music) and George Whiting (lyrics), and when it appeared in 1927, it was the biggest hit thus far in the century. The recording, by a now nearly-forgotten singer named Gene Austin, is estimated to have sold over 12 million copies.


When Whippoorwills call,

and evening is nigh,

I hurry to my blue heaven.

A turn to the right, a little white light,

will lead you to my blue heaven.

You'll see a smiling face,

a fireplace, a cozy room.

A little nest that's nestled

where the roses bloom.

Just Molly and me,

and Baby makes three.

We're happy in our blue heaven.

This lovely ballad was written by one of my favorite songwriters, Milton Ager, composer of over 100 published songs, four Broadway shows, and four Hollywood movies. Although less well-known, this piece ranks with the best of Ager’s work, which includes such gems as “Ain't She Sweet”, “Hard Hearted Hannah”, “Glad Rag Doll”, “I’m Nobody’s Baby”, and “I Wonder What’s Become of Sally.” Milton Ager is perhaps best known for that Depression-era anthem, “Happy Days Are Here Again” named by ASCAP as one of the 16 most popular tunes of all time.



Darling, do you doubt my adoration?

Hesitate about love's invitation?

Come to me without more speculation.

Have no fear, give me your hand my dear.


Trust in me in all you do,

have the faith I have in you,

Love will see us through if only you trust in me.

Come to me when things go wrong,

cling to me and I'll be strong,

We can get along, as long as you trust in me.

While there's a moon on high,

while there's a bird to fly,

while there's a you and I,

You can be sure I'll love you.

Stand beside me all the while,

face the future with a smile.

Trust in me and I'll be worthy of you.

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“My Blue Heaven”

(George Whiting/Walter Donaldson)


“Trust in Me”

(Ned Weaver/Jean Schwartz/Milton Ager)